Godwin’s Law

Is this Senator Conroy in re-election mode?

4 responses to “Godwin’s Law

  1. Oh how appropriate.

    Senator Conroy tried to “Godwin” any debate by asserting that opposition to his censorship plan equated to support for paediphiles.

    Both (Victorian Senators) Conroy (ALP) and Fielding (Family First) are up for re-election this time round.

    Labor’s stupid preference deal with minor parties to protect their third candidate ahead of the Greens, caused a major hole in their own foot. Despite polling only 0.13 of a quota, Fielding got up. And what a nighmare that has been.


  2. hahahahaha…. good one Archie


    • Not a word about this filter before he was elected and suddenly he is pushing it through as though his life depends on it. And it won’t do what is wanted!


      • Apparently something like it *was* announced a couple of weeks before the 2007 election. (I suspect this was in a rural school hall, somewhere in Victoria, while everyone else was talking about Iraq and WorkChoices.)

        The policy said ISP were going to be required to “offer a clean feed”. Many people might think “offer” implies some sort of opt-in, but Senator Conroy is making it mandatory.


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