Cthulhu, Ripped

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. It took an email from a friend to remind me that it has been quite a while since I made mention of any unspeakable horrors or Old Ones or non-Euclidean architecture.

Cybe had been searching through the Necronomiconweb and found that, in his youth, Cthulhu had been a gym-junkie in subterranean K’n-yan. In fact he may even have been a user of certain illegal body-building substances. This could be why he was sent to the depths of R’yleh, fhtagn.

Found on the Necronomiconweb here by my mate, Cybe.

11 responses to “Cthulhu, Ripped

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  2. If you want to study near one of the portals, you could always apply for admission to Miskatonic University. Supposedly, they have a paper copy of the Necronomicon in their library as well.


  3. What’s happening between his legs?


  4. Not a lot ……… which is encouraging ……


  5. You guys haven’t seen enough Japanese porn, obviously. What do you think all those tentacles are for?


  6. How do you tell it’s a “he”? It seems to lack appendages …


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