Travel Plans

Why is this well loved song even more important to me at the moment?

Because next Friday, for nearly two weeks, I leave the desert for Perth. There I will meet up with Buff and on Sunday (Valentine’s Day) we board a heavier than air flying machine to travel to our nation’s capital, Canberra.

There, on the Monday and Tuesday we will be walking around the Australian National Gallery where we will be able to study many of the originals of the images above.

Along with over 140 other original works by legendary French Impressionists.

I promise to attempt to avoid boring you all with my visit to some very old Gallic gentlemen.

5 responses to “Travel Plans

  1. what a wonderful adventure! the reason i learned to play guitar as a 12 year old? that song. first song i learned. i can do it without thinking still… happy trails! post lots of pictures!


  2. Archie that literally brought tears to my eyes. Vincent received top billing in the record of our visit to France…

    Have a great trip. Now, if you are going to be in Canberra, I’d like you to present one of these to Senator Conroy…*


  3. one of my favourite songs, too. And I have stood and unashamedly wept in front of Vincent’s paintings more than once.



  4. Sounds like fun ….. have a loverly time …….


  5. 8 days to go …


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