Shaking my head!

I wandered over to honjii’s blog today, as is my wont.

I could not believe I saw what was there.

Even as a non-American I was offended by the unbelievable statement I heard made on this video clip.

As honjii suggested, “Dana Perino slipped and perhaps said something she shouldn’t have.  If there were no terrorist attacks during the Bush administration then what was 9-11? Who was really behind the attacks?”

The amazing thing is that the two males on camera with her did not even blink an eye at this disgusting effort of historical rewriting.

Alas, poor Land of the Free, I knew you well.

27 responses to “Shaking my head!

  1. aaaaaargh… this is their way. repeat something often enough and people start to believe it. “Well, i heard somewhere that…”.


  2. There is nothing that as an American I can say… except that I’m sorry that we are producing a nation full misinformed and bitchy ignoramae. Fortunately, there are some of us who believe in things other than what Fox News spoons feeds out to those who are too lazy to look things up.

    Been reading your blog for about two years, let me say thanks again for such a great blog.


  3. Well, for one, Hannity is NOT news, but (ill-informed) opinion.

    Second, the so-called right wing is much too absorbed in trying to make whatever faction Obama and his ilk represent look bad to worry about “truth” and “facts”.

    Third, the average American really has no idea what goes in the world around them.

    Fourth, who would even waste their time watching this drivel from Faux “News”?


  4. Shows like that are all about ratings – I bet someone is watching them!


  5. What shall our definition of, “terrorist,” be? If it includes US military personnel then I might agree that we had a terrorist attack during the Bush administration. If not, then we didn’t.

    Really, does anyone actually believe that it was done by others? Look at some of the deniers’ arguments. Look and listen to some of the on-the-scene firefighters from The Day. Do your own research on the melting point of construction-grade steel and the maximum possible heat generated by burning jet fuel. (which, BTW, is /not/ achieved when the fire is smoky)

    The whole thing was done in-house.

    Otherwise terrorists would have chosen another target or waited an hour until the WTC was full of 50,000 people instead of less than 3000.

    They might be misguided but they are /not/ fools.


    • Interesting take on the event. I have often wondered about the numbers thing.


      • archie–

        Hasn’t Mr. Cybe ever seen a burned out steel building? The beams and joists turn to spaghetti in the heat, and that’s without an explosion of jet fuel. The World Trade Center building collapsed because the heat of the resulting blast furnace weakened 3/16-inch thick steel angles, turned them to rubber after the fireproofing was blown away by the impacts, causing the floors to pancake.

        Only a fool believes that the WTC was taken down with secretly planted explosives.


  6. Alas, poor Land of the Free,

    It’s embarrassing, but we are quickly becoming land of the free speaking idiot. On a daily basis we hear the men in the video and other right wing wackos calling Obama a Nazi, fascist, racist (hates white people), making claims he is not an American citizen, a radical Christian, a Muslim, preachers praying and encouraging their congregations to pray Obama gets brain cancer, hoping Obama fails…the list goes on and on.

    During the Bush reign of idiocy people, even those opposed to Bush, united after the 9/11 terrorist know, the one that never happened. Yes, people made jokes about him (how could they not when there was so much fodder there), and yes he was/is a moron but I never heard anything like the outright hatred and ludicrous lies directed at Obama.

    With the economy in such a bad state I would love to have a list of the names of people who buy into this load of crap as I could probably make a fortune selling them the Brooklyn Bridge or swamp land in Florida.


    • Honjii–

      Why do you openly despise your own country so much? Instead of ranting, how would you prefer the US be changed?

      Honest question.


      • Where have I said I despise my country? I am dismayed and disturbed by the ignorance, and lies that are being spread by people, in my country, who don’t seem to be the brightest bulbs in the box. They are loud, vocal, outrageous and they make better info-tainment than rational folks. These are the people who either perpetuate out and out lies, or take a bit of information out of context and make ludicrous inferences from it. A good example would be you, taking from my comments, that I despise my country.


  7. Hey, Fox sells “information” to huge numbers of these misguided people. A simple bridge would be dead easy 🙂


  8. I value the content on your websites. Cheers.


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