What Comic Book Sound Are You?


You’re the type of person who would be a very moody superhero. In fact, you’d walk the line between superhero and supervillain.

Blowing up a whole town or planet wouldn’t be out of the question for you if you felt angry enough.

You are naturally a justice enforcer. Sometimes there is so much wrong with the world that it really gets you down.

You can’t help but want to punish everyone who’s evil. There’s nothing that makes you madder than criminals who are allowed to walk.

To misquote the feared and vindictive raincoaster, from whence this was burgled, liberated and taken hostage, “You know the rules: if you steal it, you link me up. Or I’ll come after you and “Booom” will be the last thing you hear.”

9 responses to “What Comic Book Sound Are You?

  1. You Are “VRROOOOM”
    If you were a superhero, you’d totally be in it for the toys. And you’re thinking big – like a fast car, rocket, maybe hoverjet…
    You’d like fighting crime as much as the next comic book hero, but the real thrill would be getting out of there quickly when the bad guys had been beat.

    You have a need for speed, and you love the adrenaline rush of speeding down the highway. Even better would be going faster than the speed of light.
    Besides, you think it would be cool to have dinner in Tokyo and dessert in Paris. And heck, maybe even appetizers on the moon. It’s all possible if you can go fast enough.

    I hate to admit this, but for once I think a quiz has nailed me flat. I have always been a Mario Andretti wannabe and one of my first boyfriends in college was a guy who did road rallies and raced both on the track in a funny car and on the ice in a stock car. He taught me how to drive on ice and that skill has stood me in great stead for all the intervening years.


  2. Wow, We match … me to Ms. Hands …

    VRROOOOM … I can go faster’n you can!! :-p


  3. You Are “ZAP”
    If you were a superhero, you’d definitely be the mad scientist type. You’d always be cooking up some new potion or weapon.
    You would be relying on your brains instead of brawn. And it’s likely that “Zap” would be a sound that villains hear as you’re taking them down!

    Over time, it’s likely that you’d morph into some sort of super human. There’s only so much experimenting you can do on yourself before you become a mutant.
    But even if you had super strength, you’d still love the thrill of shooting off your latest weapon.

    Well, yeah…


    • So, what did you get??? We can make you an honorary VRROOOM’er, can’t we ladies? I mean, she does fit with us … I have a vision! Black leathers, big bikes and a mean attitude … yeah!!!


  4. Vroom vroom! Here come the girls…(me too!)


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