Budgie Smugglers #2

Yesterday I posted about the budgie smugglers who have increased our local population of budgerigars.

I was taken to task because I did not specify just how budgies are smuggled here in Australia.

This gives a clue.


Here is a budgie being smuggled!


And here are another couple of budgies being smuggled.

budgie smugglers3

This explanation has nothing to do with the fact that I am looking to increase my visitors. Not at all!

4 responses to “Budgie Smugglers #2

  1. i need to move to the other hemisphere immediately. i have found my calling. is there a ‘Budgie Protection Agency” in need of inspectors?


  2. OH, yeah. I’ll sign up with daisyfae!


  3. I’ll save you both a place in the queue to be a budgie-smuggling inspector…


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