BBC Quiz of the Week

This little quiz post is becoming my diary of the week. It is where I can make a couple of comments about how my days have been going.

This week the boss headed off for a three week break and I have been left in charge.

So not a lot of time for blogging, pre-publication is a wondrous thing. I apologise for not replying to so many comments but time is passing annoyingly fast just at the moment and at the end of the day sleep is the major need.

Gitwizard leaped into the limelight last week by scoring his first 7/7 and his first crown. Daddy P scored a dismal 1/7 and has the hat all to himself this week. It may be necessary for him to stay after school. Providing we can find an educational TG to volunteer.

This week I rebounded to a score of 5/7! How will you go in this week’s BBC Quiz of the Week?


Previous Dunces

25th Sept, 1/7, Daddy Papersurfer
18th Sept, 2/7, Rob
11th Sept, 3/7, azahar, Puddock, Rob,
4th Sept, 1/7, azahar
28th Aug, 0/7, Herr G EaGle
21st Aug, 2/7, Bunk Strutts, Daddy Papersurfer
14th Aug, 2/7, azahar Puddock, sandy, daisymae81, anniegirl1138,
7th Aug, 2/7, silverstar98121, Bunk Strutts, Mrs Eagle, Cybe R. Wizard, Puddock
31st July, 1/7,silverstar98121
24th Jul, 2/7, sandy,
17th Jul, 2/7, azahar
10th Jul, 1/7, gitwizard, Mrs Eagle
3rd Jul, 1/7, archie, Mrs Eagle, Karen, sandy, Rob, Bunk Strutts,
26th Jun, 2/7, Karen, sandy,

Crown Winners (7/7)

17th Octember Buff
26th Octember, healing magic hands
5th Dec. Buff
9th Jan 2009, azahar
6th Feb 2009, archie
20th Feb 2009, healing magic hands
27th Feb, 2009, Buff
20th Mar, 2009, healing magic hands
3rd Apr, 2009, sledpress
17th Apr, 2009, anniegirl1138, Buff, Archie
15th May, Buff

5th June, Buff
4th July, healing magic hands

29th Aug Buff
5th Sept Buff
12th Sept Daddy P

11th Sept, nursemyra
18th Sept, Buff
25th Sept, Gitwizard

16 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. Still guessing, educated guessing mind you, and still not paying off…

    You got 3 right!


  2. (happy dance)

    You got 6 right!

    I thought the Tango was more beautiful than the internet … what a fool I was!


  3. I got one right, I must be a shoe in for the dunce this week. The only one I got right was the “sinister bit” questiong. Oh well. Our rock wall is built and my garden is closer to being ready for winter. That should count for something.


  4. 2 – That confounded Nero & his Slaves = No wonder the Empire fell – Cave Canem* – damnatio et blastatio*** – I blame the Bankers

    Had a more worthy week even than Young ROB who has hopefully finished his Wall for the expected Mild Canuckistan-Winter …… Not too sure that I understand or (as an ex-Church Officer) should admit understanding Rob’s Entertaining Space’s Latest Joke

    But Life’s so unFair – not only has the Talented HMH had such a good week [too busy on her excellently engineered Walls] that she has achieved an enviable ONE —– BUT she has been blessed with enviably multiple Piles of SWEET Potatoes

    Sweet Potato Chips are so amiably tasty

    Monsieur’s AerChie’s Komments are so valued – quality’s a priority over quantity

    * Beware the Dog

    *** Das geDAMmen und ds geBLASTen


    • And I haven’t even got them all harvested yet. The one that I featured on the blog that weighed SEVEN pounds was just a drop in the bucket, so to speak. Sweet potato chips, mmm. I also love them made into tempura.


      • Ahhh – Mdm HMH – so envious – keep thinking about SWEET Potato CHIPPES …

        – albeit an inAdequate consolation for BEING (yet again) outClassed by that Kindly-Talented Mdm Buffée

        – regards to that marvellous Monsieur HMH


  5. I’d just like to say that my scores recently are just a reflection of the worry I feel for you Archie being left in charge – worry for you and the community ………. 2/7 ………. [just wait until the subject of gingernuts comes up – I’ll wipe the floor with everyone – tee hee]


  6. Back to normal..You got 4 right! …… and 3 of those were guesses, now how do I get cookie dough off this crown…….?


  7. 4 right however bring back vegemite are you daft!!


  8. 3 right – about par for me!


  9. I thought I already said this:
    I got a pathetic two.


  10. You got 1 right!

    Yikes, good thing I didn’t change my guess for the Nero question! Looks like it’s hat time for me again…


  11. Back to a mediocre 3/7 for me this week…


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