BBC Quiz of the Week

A bit of golf, a lot of work (someone has to do the ordering for the store – only a $70,000 order this time.)

So this weekend I am off a day early and headed into the coast for a couple of days off.

I may even be totally out of internet reach on Saturday night – and Sunday. I wonder if I will survive.

Last week was NurseMyra’s week. Winning the crown for the first time. The Dunce’s Hat was nearly not awarded. Should the lowest score be 4/7 then everyone passes. Last week the lowest score was 3/7 and three people shared it. Puddock, Rob and azahar.

This week I 3/7! How will you go in  this week’s BBC Quiz of the Week


Previous Dunces

11th Sept, 3/7, azahar, Puddock, Rob,
4th Sept, 1/7, azahar
28th Aug, 0/7, Herr G EaGle
21st Aug, 2/7, Bunk Strutts, Daddy Papersurfer
14th Aug, 2/7, azahar Puddock, sandy, daisymae81, anniegirl1138,
7th Aug, 2/7, silverstar98121, Bunk Strutts, Mrs Eagle, Cybe R. Wizard, Puddock
31st July, 1/7,silverstar98121
24th Jul, 2/7, sandy,
17th Jul, 2/7, azahar
10th Jul, 1/7, gitwizard, Mrs Eagle
3rd Jul, 1/7, archie, Mrs Eagle, Karen, sandy, Rob, Bunk Strutts,
26th Jun, 2/7, Karen, sandy,
19th Jun, 1/7, azahar
12th Jun, 2/7, sandy, azahar
5th Jun, 0/7, Daddy Papersurfer
29th May, 1/7, nursemyra
22nd May, 0/7, healingmagichands
15th May, 2/7, nursemyra
8th May, 1/7, Rob, sledpress,
1st May, 2/7,Daddy Papersurfer, sandy
24th Apr, 2/7, Rob,Daddy Papersurfer, azahar , silverstar98121
17th Apr, 2/7, sandy, Rob
10th Apr, 2/7, sandy, Daddy Papersurfer, anniegirl1138, Archie

Crown Winners (7/7)

11th Sept, nursemyra
29th Aug Buff
5th Sept Buff
12th Sept Daddy P
17th Octember Buff
26th Octember, healing magic hands
5th Dec. Buff
9th Jan 2009, azahar
6th Feb 2009, archie
20th Feb 2009, healing magic hands
27th Feb, 2009, Buff
20th Mar, 2009, healing magic hands
3rd Apr, 2009, sledpress
17th Apr, 2009, anniegirl1138, Buff, Archie
15th May, Buff

5th June, Buff
4th July, healing magic hands

14 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. You got 4 right!

    ALL of them lucky guesses.

    Hmmm, rather nice hat-sharing company this week. 🙂


  2. back down to my usual 3


  3. Lousy danged three.


  4. 6 right darn those group exercises ..hope to hear from you sooner than a


  5. Azahar is correct. There is rather nice hat-sharing company this week.

    However, for next week, I am seeking to be all alone in the dunce’s cap. For, after making all guesses….

    You got 2 right!

    *Sigh* That’s what I get for living under a rock in a cave.


  6. 4

    The most ancient fragment of Greek Philosophy :

    “To every inJustice,
    there is Justice”

    Senor Roberto leads a worthwhile life under his wRocke


    He gets an enviable 2


  7. You got 5 right!

    The first five as a matter of fact.


  8. 4/7 ……. so so average ……. tsk


  9. 4… out of the running.


  10. I was absolutely stunned when the result was “You got 6 right” since I was guessing on every single solitary question. I almost guessed right on the Warren Buffett one too, but guessed the wrong sort of equipment.


  11. 4 right! woo-hoo!

    all guesses. i even read the news.


  12. I’ve been house-bound for a week with foul weather … electric wheelchairs and driving rain are NOT friendly. Anyway, I had lots of time on my hands so I read the BBC news every day … this paid off 🙂

    You got 7 right!

    How come the Frenchie is such a spit-the-dummy President? And Obama is a wise man … he knows Michelle is more popular and looks much better in high heels than he does!


  13. 3 right for me, disappointing, I read loads of BBC news too….


  14. All guesses and 4/7 for me too.

    Rob and az – we should form a band – I suggest Three Under a Hat as our indie and slightly retro band name…

    But now I see that even before the band has released a demo, Rob has decided to go solo. What was it Rob – didn’t want to share the limelight? I don’t know – prima donnas…


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