Dumb Deer

onceupunatimegreenthere was a yellow frog and all the other frogs used to tease him.

So, one day he went to an old witch and asked if she could change him to green.

The witch said she could and she said the magic words.

The frog was green!

But when the frog looked down he said, “Witch, my private parts are still yellow!”

The witch said, “I don’t do private parts; you’ll have to go to my sister down the road.”

And so off the frog went.

Later that day a blue deer came to ask the witch to change him to brown.

The witch did.

Then he too saw that his private parts were still blue.

“What about my private parts?”

The witch told him to go to his sister’s house and she’d change his private parts to brown.

The deer said, “I’m not very good with directions. How do I get there?”

The witch said, “Oh that’s easy, just follow the yellow dicked toad!”

Thanks, Phil

2 responses to “Dumb Deer

  1. You go around looking at the colour of other guys dicks? I don’t …


  2. Georgina thought this was funny … Georgina is a funny person.


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