Squidly Stuff

The Humboldt Squid makes raids on the West Coast of Canada each year.

Sometimes the cephalopods win, sometimes they lose.

This one lost!

small humboldt squid

Of course, with the definition of “Marriage” becoming more liberal, there is the possibility of not only inter-sexual partnerships but also inter-special relationships.

Your dog is always hoping for that special leg to come along and there are those New Zealanders who are inordinately fond of their ovines.

However it seems that squid would not make for acceptable wives.


3 responses to “Squidly Stuff

  1. Sehr geEhrter AerChie von und zu Perth

    When so many Perceptive Ladies, Children & other Erudite Animals of taste and discrimination come with such eager frequency to this (normally) Innocent Space !!!

    Bertie Wooster would ask :

    Is this Post wise, is it prudent ?

    Like Lady Catherine de Burgh (Pride & Prejudice) on hearing that Mr Darcy had contracted an Engagement with Eliza without her consent :

    That Crustacean looks seriously & earnestly “MOST disPLEASED”

    Let’s hope that he did not get a Complaint through to Cthulu or his Tree Oktopodia Friends and that her Grace Mll La RegenCoastère does not hear about this, to pass this Crustacean’s unhappy demise to her Tentacled Colleagues

    Perhaps as a Precaution, your Baronship should remain in the West-Antipodean Desert, at some safe distance from the Sea

    I remain your obedient servant etc

    G E


  2. In my country, cephalopods are as entitled as anyone else to interspecies marriage!


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