Sorry Guys; Size Does Matter

Female orgasms rely on penis size and mental focus!

The research, led by Stuart Brody from University of the West of Scotland, asked 1,000 Czech women about their experiences with results appear in an upcoming issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

It found that regularity of vaginal orgasms depends on a number of factors including the length of the penis, the duration of intercourse, and the ability to mentally focus on vaginal sensations. But it concluded that the duration of foreplay was not a factor.

One-third of the women (34%) said that they were more likely to have an orgasm with a longer than average penis [14.5 centimetres], but nearly two-thirds said that they had no preference.

“Given that the vagina [has a high nerve density] throughout… more thorough stimulation of the full length of the vagina… might result in a more fulfilling experience,” the paper’s authors write.

Hidden agendas?

Before we males race out and try to improve our standing, read on – – –

Dr Vivienne Cass, an adjunct professor at Curtin University of Technology in Perth and author of The Elusive Orgasm, worries about the motivations of research that emphasises vaginal over clitoral orgasms.

She sees this emphasis as part of the increasing “medicalisation of sexuality”. “Women who can’t achieve vaginal orgasms are treated as sick.”

She says if they are treated as sick then drug companies might be able to sell them a pill. “We have to understand that we are not studying orgasms in a nice, value-free, scientific context.”

So does size really matter?

All may not be lost. Perhaps there is more to technique than equipment.

Or is the dreaded conspiracy of women yet again finding sops for our masculine ego.

I guess the question, from a male perspective, remains unanswered.

Based on an article in the ABC Online News.

16 responses to “Sorry Guys; Size Does Matter

  1. As a Woman With An Interesting Past I have immediate reactions to this sort of thing.

    For instance: why just Czech women? Anatomy, tastes, and mores very considerably across ethnic and cultural groups.

    Also: what standard were the researchers using for orgasms and what kind did the women themselves prefer? After all, you got the surface-flutter, quickie-with-the-Hitachi orgasm, you got your ride-em-cowgirl screaming orgasm, you got your sleepy a-a-a-hhhgasm, and you got your OK-I-came-leave-me-alone-now-willya orgasm. And several others I may not have met yet. Sometimes you want one, sometimes the other, and if you’re at your in-laws’ place you don’t want the cascading squirt kind.

    Anyway, in forty years I’ve only ever seen one kit of tackle I absolutely couldn’t work with.

    We need less research and more training. 😉


    • “less research and more training” – Hear! Hear!

      And why Czech women? I suspect this research IS sponsored by those who would sell me drugs and whose internet spam generators are based in eastern Europe.

      And on the topic of spam e-mails advertising male enhancement drugs…
      My mate and I were in a restaurant where the music was just a little too loud. To conduct a conversation, one had to shout. We were discussing spam and at one point my mate shouted, “IF I HAD RESPONDED TO EVERY OFFER THAT ARRIVED IN MY INBOX…”

      Unfortunately, the music stopped just then as my mate blasted into the sudden silence, “… MY PENIS WOULD BE SO BIG!”

      *collective gasps from fellow diners followed by crickets chirping*


    • sledpress, that non-work-withable tackle, Pappa Bear, Baby Bear or merely bizarre?
      …um, if one may ask…


      • It looked like clinical micropenis to me.

        After thirty-some years, all I can recall is that I managed to be gracious about it; I just can’t remember exactly how I handled it (if that is the right phrase). He had prefaced his weekend visit by sending me the linked letters H-U-G cut out of three taped-together pages of the New York Times, so I felt it would be boorish to register the alarm I felt.


  2. Of course size matters. You don’t think for a minute that a mosquito-sized wanger would do a thing for a woman, do you? OTOH, a King Kong-sized Dong just might be off-putting for a small minority of women, too.


  3. i would argue that 1) it depends on the woman and 2) size AND shape matter. for reals.

    and i’m with sledpress – more training! at least that would mean they knew what to do with it if size and shape weren’t compatible. you know?


  4. It’s waaaay more the shape which is important … and the circumference … length is not important. But (Ærchie, look away NOW!!!) in my fairly minute experience I have found that it’s the bloke himself and not the size which matters most.


  5. Not going there, you pair of total nutters!


  6. This is an intersting research. It does rise a few eyebrows as it is based on a survey of Czech women. Will women of different country have the same opinion. We need to know.


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