Cthulhu and Perth

Empty streets, a great river and a giant soul-eating squid.

That’s the town I love.

Emailed to me, on the same day, by both Mike and Bullfrog.

8 responses to “Cthulhu and Perth

  1. Swindle! I want live footage of the squid.


  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … the pregnant phallus!! How ghastly the memories the picture of this evokes!


  3. Well, Perth IS very close to Rlyeh AND the Mountains of Madness. It explains a lot!


    • Oh, my dear … NOTHING explains Richard Court! He’s the one responsible for the pregnant phallus … his taste is excruciating. And to blame his “problem” on the Mountains of Madness is just a cop out!!!


  4. Her Grace la Marchionesse Mlle RegenCoaster

    sotto voce

    Your Grace

    We may all be thinking it ….

    ….. but as my Friend Bertie Wooster would say on this occasions :

    is it wise, is it prudent to say it to such another Blogger, however entertaining, but who counts Well-Informed Wizards amongst his Friends with their alarming Wands

    Yr Grace’s apprehensive servant etc


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