Cthulhu, Eater of Souls

Close to a tributary of an ocean lives a Vancouveritess. She has read a book. It was written by one H P Lovecraft and was called the Dunwich Horror.

Her greatest hope is to one day become a victim of the other-dimensional horror described in that book.

Possibly, in a previous existence, she was a short-lived extra in this film.

Yet the one we should fear most is still out there, gathering and devouring, souls.

Cthulhu in all his glory.


I count coup, rain  🙂

Image delivered in an email. The source and artist (photographer?) will be acknowledged when revealed.

8 responses to “Cthulhu, Eater of Souls

  1. A vertically furrowed brow …….. nice


  2. He (it?) suffers from split ends???


  3. wow, you have some images here that would unnerve a lot of people. The second is an amazingly deep piece. The first is good fun. My mom mostly likely would have done something like that.


  4. Now THAT is a Cthulhu image that quite clearly should illustrate a book by the mysterious Thomas Ligotti. I have to steal this.


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  6. Gives new meaning to the term butt-face.


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