The Manly Blogger Guy Award

I am honoured to have been selected as one of the inaugural recipients of the “Manly Blogger Guy Award”. Thank you, DaveC from Lugubrious Drollery.

hai karate11. The blog receiving the award must demonstrate masculine qualities such as sloth, boorishness, urinary hesitancy, or flatulence. In the interest of equal opportunity, these criteria do not entirely exclude female nominees.

2. No blog which plays background music such as “Somewhere My Love” or “My Heart Will Go On” is eligible.

3. The award should be passed on to as many other blogs as possible, but watching televised sports or taking a nap should take precedence over passing out awards.

Since rain has washed out play in the third Ashes Test, I shall choose a couple of blogger guys to pass this award on to.

Metro who, singlehandedly keeps the Canadian Government in line while playing a mean game of on-line poker.

The Gitwizard who does blokey things on farms and rides bikes and takes wonderful photographs.

Bunk Strutts, with whom I rarely agree but whose right to be wrong I shall defend to the death.

Rob, who has a special tale to tell and is man enough to let his feelings show.

Daddy Papersurfer, who has introduced me to both the wonderful world of the Cliff Top Residence and to Gertrude. Perhaps this award is more for Gertrude.

Pass it on to whoever you think fit, guys. I will continue to make awards when I remember and when I find someone worthwhile.

I was going to visit all recipients and let them know that had received it but I have to practice TV watching. The sun has come out and play is about to begin at Edgebaston.

10 responses to “The Manly Blogger Guy Award

  1. ” I was going to visit all recipients and let them know that had received it but I have to practice TV watching. The sun has come out and play is about to begin at Edgebaston.”

    My man! You have captured the true spirit of the MBG Award!


  2. Aw, shucks! Golly gee! Um. *Averts eyes* Thanks Ærchie!

    Now, I’m off to figure out some deserving recipients.

    BTW. Thank goodness for wireless. As I am sitting on the “throne” as I type this. As a manly man should.


  3. Thank you Archie, but I still don’t know how to put these awards onto my blog!


  4. Dude! I’m honored.


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  6. Archie – sorry I’m late – I was just taking a nap. Luckily I farted which woke me up

    [Note to self – must begin on the Atrophy Room ……… I’d better just close my eyes and do some planning]

    *skips off into the distance singing “I’m soooooo manly”*


  7. Good choices

    … but surely you should remember the CyberWizard in his Quiet Tower et Monsieur Metro, as he sips what remains of his Gin, after Her Grace La Marchionesse Regen-Coaster’s visit ….


    • I am blogless, Mr. Eaglyone, and therefore immune to these kinds of thing.
      doG willing, such will continue to be the case.


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