BBC Quiz of the Week

Not a lot happened for me this week.

The highlight? A  drive over and around the lake, into some of the country which has rarely been visited by white men. There is talk of creating a tourist trail into this area with some of the oldies telling the stories associated with the landmarks and clay pans.

And so to this week’s quiz. Last week We had sixes from azahar, The eaGle (His Grey Eminence) and Bunk. We had a record low in “Under 4/7’s” this week And Daddy P and Puddock (who is neglecting her pond in the blogipelago) were saved from the hat by Sandy’s 2/7.

How will you go in this week’s BBC News Quiz of the Week.

Me? A feeling of panic ensued as I realised I had no idea of any one of the questions. I was lucky to get 3/7.

24th Jul, 2/7, sandy,
17th Jul, 2/7, azahar
10th Jul, 1/7, gitwizard, Mrs Eagle
3rd Jul, 1/7, archie, Mrs Eagle, Karen, sandy, Rob, Bunk Strutts,
26th Jun, 2/7, Karen, sandy,
19th Jun, 1/7, azahar
12th Jun, 2/7, sandy, azahar
5th Jun, 0/7, Daddy Papersurfer
29th May, 1/7, nursemyra
22nd May, 0/7, healingmagichands
15th May, 2/7, nursemyra
8th May, 1/7, Rob, sledpress,
1st May, 2/7,Daddy Papersurfer, sandy
24th Apr, 2/7, Rob,Daddy Papersurfer, azahar , silverstar98121
17th Apr, 2/7, sandy, Rob
10th Apr, 2/7, sandy, Daddy Papersurfer, anniegirl1138, Archie

Crown Winners (7/7)

29th Aug Buff
5th Sept Buff
12th Sept Daddy P
17th Octember Buff
26th Octember, healing magic hands
5th Dec. Buff
9th Jan 2009, azahar
6th Feb 2009, archie
20th Feb 2009, healing magic hands
27th Feb, 2009, Buff
20th Mar, 2009, healing magic hands
3rd Apr, 2009, sledpress
17th Apr, 2009, anniegirl1138, Buff, Archie
15th May, Buff

5th June, Buff
4th July, healing magic hands

16 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. I was lucky to get 3 right also, although I did know the Sarkozy one and the German question. The rest were guesses and I didn’t guess very well, either. Oh well.


  2. You got 6 right!

    Damn! I should learn whatever language it is that Gurkhas speak!


  3. You got 2 right!

    On track for the dunce cap again.



  4. You got 4 right!
    Guess I should be happy with that as I only knew 1 of them.


  5. You got 2 right!

    Couldn’t save you this week, Rob.


  6. Almost 29%. All guesses.


  7. Dirt (4)


  8. I got one right. Unless somebody saves me with no right answers, I’ve got hat hair this week.


  9. A repetitive 3/7 this week. I don’t know what you mean Archie – my pond is looking very spruce and watery!


  10. you’re going down – 4 out of 7


  11. 2 right. all of them guesses, go figure.


  12. You got 5 right!

    I am NOT so out of touch as I feared.


  13. 3/7 – I hate just being mediocre – I wish I’d got just 1 – tee hee


  14. Cybe R. Wizard

    Having paid less attention than usual this week, I got a lowly 2 right. Thanks, silverstar!


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