Build a Plane

I stress that I have not tested this.

In fact I urge all my readers to not test this.

Even you, gitwizard!


I have just shown this to two overgrown kids men and they immediately began wondering if normal “Blowies” would be sufficient or if March or Horse Flies would be better.

12 responses to “Build a Plane

  1. and i’m looking for matches and some rubber cement….


  2. I love the illustration style!


  3. Aw, even flies have other things to do with their time than entertain us. I guess I’m a real pill.


  4. Hmmmmmmmmm … can grandsons fit in? Not /on/ the plane … just as “doers” of the experiment.


  5. Fantastic!!!!!! ………. at last I’m inspired!!! …….. I’m thinking BUTTERFLIES!!!!!!!!!


  6. And moths for night flying – brilliant!


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