Photo Hunt; Creamy

What could be creamier than fresh milk?

In the South West of Western Australia is a little town named “Brunswick Junction”.

It is the centre of the local dairy industry. All the cows for miles around supply this factory where milk is pastuerised and separated.

The cream is sold as cream or manufactured into the best Ice Cream in Australia. The ice cream I grew up with. The special treat at the annual Sunday School picnic.

Apart from that, I just love the art deco building and the mystery of the door on the upper floor which leads nowhere.


13 responses to “Photo Hunt; Creamy

  1. I remember Peter’s ice cream. This is a blast from the past.

    Happy weekend to you.


  2. Damn, I was about to tell you that you had the wrong theme up this week and then I realised that was me! Now I have to go and find a creamy photo …


  3. It fits the theme perfectly and it is such a different take!!
    Well done. Happy hunting!


  4. Ahhh, ice cream – it’s one of my favourite things. I started amking my own last summer. 🙂


  5. A place that should be a national treasure! Great take on the theme!


  6. Great idea for the theme. Happy weekend!


  7. So perfect for the theme… Good Post!


  8. Very creative take on this theme.
    Happy weekend!


  9. We have a local dairy here too and there is something about the milk from locally when compared to that shipped in… no comparison. Local is hands down better. Mine is up here.


  10. Great photo for this week’s theme. Makes me hungry for ice cream.


  11. interesting info…i love ice creams, too!

    Happy week-end!


  12. Tis but a shame that the best ice cream will now no longer be made with the fine product of this area, given the sheep loving folks that owned the dairy and ice cream enterprises has separated the two and sold the ice cream division to those East of the Nullarbor. So the manufacturing of ice cream will now become the exclusive province of the Victorian and New South dairy fields. At least we get to keep the ‘creamy’ cheese and yoghurts manufactured at the premises pictured.


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