Locked Car

onceupunatimeorangeA bloke is sitting by his car at the side of the road looking unhappy. A passer-by sees his glum face and asks what the problem is.

“I’ve locked myself out of my car.” replies the man.

“That’s not a problem,” replied the passer-by, “Step out of the way, and let me have a look.”

The motorist is a bit perplexed, but reckons there’s no harm in it letting the man try. So the passer-by turns around, and rubs his legs slowly up and down the driver”s door. Suddenly, the lock opens and the man turns and opens the car door.

“That’s amazing!” says the motorist, “How did you do it?”

“It’s easy,” replies the pedestrian, “I’m wearing khaki trousers.”

6 responses to “Locked Car

  1. Huh? This one just went right over my head. I bet the un-dim readers got it right off though, eh?


  2. Nope, went right over mine, too. Perhaps it’s a colloquialism we’re not familiar with.


  3. SchPlughlieri – sehr buono – je bette le passer-by was a la – [ie a Lady]

    Das ist es doch


  4. Okay. I didn’t get it either. Please explain this pun to us illiterati.


  5. I got it – I laughed – I’m now considering going on a retreat to recover …..


  6. For all those who missed this, it is probably a pronunciation problem.

    He is wearing khaki trousers – khaki=carkey – for an explanation of the word (which came from the Indian Campaigns of the mid-1800’s) look here


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