Why Men Do It

I have spent much of my life thinking about nothing, much to the annoyance of the lady I have spent my life with.

At last I have found out why I do it and why she kept getting annoyed.

This is too true to be funny.

Thanks, Jeanie

5 responses to “Why Men Do It

  1. dead on target… also explains why a man can fall a sleep one microsecond after his head hits the pillow (and usually start snoring), while a woman has to lie there for a looooooong time to clear her head and unwind before going to sleep. at which point, his snoring is going to piss her off and he will then be kicked until he is awake again….


  2. Too, too true. Just shut up and listen.


  3. This is very funny … I laughed out loud.


  4. I’m saying ………………………………………………………… nothing


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