A little local politics

Here in Western Australia we have just exercised our democratic right to vote on two issues.

carlesFirstly, who will be the representative for the electorate of Fremantle, Perth’s Port city.

The good news is that a Green’s candidate has got up and stolen the seat from the Labor Party who have held it for 85 years. Congratulations,  Adele Carles.

Secondly whether or not we, in the Western Third of the Continent, should have daylight Saving.

The bad news is that the Neanderthals in this state outnumber thinking people and we will now be three hours behind the action instead of just two. Thank you to everyone who is too lazy to change from sundials to more modern timekeeping devices. It would be easy to believe that we have been taken over by that other bastion of Luddite thought, Queensland, eh?


7 responses to “A little local politics

  1. Thre Greens first lower-house seat is good news, but rejecting daylight saving is even better news.

    Personally, I like not having to look at all three of a clock, a calendar and state legislation to know what time it is in Perth – it’s UTC+8.

    Plus, being disrupted from the golden triangle of Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne is their problem, not mine. I prefer to be not disrupted from the rest of the planet.

    And finally, the rumour about daylight saving causing less electricity consumption through less lighting: this may have been true in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, but it is not true today. If today’s Queenslanders came home an hour earlier in the hottest part of the day, they would switch on their air-conditioners an hour earlier.


    • Ahh, Mike, much of the rest of the planet also uses daylight saving – that part of the planet where clocks are important. I agree that electricity will not be saved but it does promote some extra family life.


  2. I also think that Daylight Savings time doesn’t do anything good for energy consumption these days. Maybe it did when the TV quit at a decent hour, right after the last news of the day, but with 24/7 TV and internet, more people are burning the midnight oil. We are no longer an agrarian society.


  3. (siiiiiiigh) I give up … maybe I’ll just have to get used to farmers who go by the clock instead of the sun, curtains which don’t fade, and chooks which continue to lay eggs because we are now 3 hours and 30 years behind the rest of Australia. Sad.


  4. Oh, and I forgot the kids who will now go to sleep at 7.00 pm sharp! It’s now no longer an excuse to say “My kids don’t sleep because it’s not dark!” Nothing about being a good or bad mother with some measure of control over their little darlings … just whether it’s light or dark.


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