BBC Quiz of the Week

Another busy week but this time I had some health to help fight the good fight. We have our State Governor (head of state under QE2) visiting our small community next week so we are flat out getting things into some semblance of tidiness.

Last week we saw Daddy P and Sandy share the dunce’s cap with 2/7 while Rob and the GitWizard topped the class with 6/7.

This week I fluked a 5/7 which seems quite reasonable until I admit to knowing only two of the answers.

So how will you go in this week’s BBC News Quiz of the Week.

Previous Dunces.

1st May, 2/7,Daddy Papersurfer, sandy
24th Apr, 2/7, Rob,Daddy Papersurfer, azahar , silverstar98121
17th Apr, 2/7, sandy, Rob
10th Apr, 2/7, sandy, Daddy Papersurfer, anniegirl1138, Archie
3rd Apr, 2/7, sandy, Puddock, azahar
27th Mar, 2/7, silverstar98121, healingmagichands
20th Mar, 1/7, Daddy Papersurfer, gitwizard
13th Mar, 1/7, silverstar98121,
6th Mar, 1/7, Steven Caldecourt,
27th Feb, 2/7, healingmagichands
20th Feb, 2/7, azahar, Daddy Papersurfer
13th Feb, 1/7, Rob
6th Feb, 2/7, silverstar98121,
30th Jan, Rob, Cybe R. Wizard, G. Eagle

Crown Winners (7/7)

29th Aug Buff
5th Sept Buff
12th Sept Daddy P
17th Octember Buff
26th Octember, healing magic hands
5th Dec. Buff
9th Jan 2009, azahar
6th Feb 2009, archie
20th Feb 2009, healing magic hands
27th Feb, 2009, Buff
20th Mar, 2009, healing magic hands
3rd Apr, 2009, sledpress
17th Apr, 2009,
anniegirl1138, Buff, Archie

18 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. Cybe R. Wizard

    I can’t seem to get past four.


  2. Three for me, and hope I don’t land in the cellar again.


  3. 5, including 3 guesses – as far away from the much-Coveted Dunce’s Hat as ever

    . Life is so unFair

    OutVitted by zose Anti-Podians with their Fantasy Island – if only he’d retained power, wouldn’t the Kindly Howard-Mensch have insisted :

    . “AustraAalian Jobs for AustraAalian Workers”

    Confounded Germans, banning quadruple-barrelled-gNames – the English Pound vill be next und they vill only have to build 2 Battleships to out-number das Royal gNavy in das North Sea



  4. 5 right with 2 guesses, didn’t watch the news so much last week.


  5. You got 6 right!

    Dammit! They let Klan Great Wizards in but not Talk-back hosts? Makes sense, I suppose … hosts are much more dangerous than Klan Wizards, even Great ones. 😦


  6. Oh dear – 3/7 – and I was sure I knew the answers to them all!


  7. You got 2 right!

    *prepares for hat hair*


  8. I only got 2 right too. looks like azahar and nursemyra are the dunces this week


  9. 3 right and was positive I knew them all as always sandy have a better than normal week..


  10. Cut you, Nursie. I’ve been booked back to back and surfing the news flew out the window, so
    You got 1 right!


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  12. ermmm…. a 2 here. which is actually pretty good i guess, since i haven’t kept up with the news this week (finals week) and had to guess at all of them.


  13. I closed my eyes and then got 4/7 – I believe this is the way froward for me ………


  14. You got 6 right! I had to guess (correctly) about the apology, but my downfall was the question about the lucky guy who got the 6 month gig on the island in Australia. Haven’t been paying attention to that situation much.


    • Da bestest job in da woild and you didn’t take note of it!!! Shame, verily shame! Hamilton Island is a paradise on the Great Barrier Reef … 34,000 applications for the job. I’da done it but I’m not too handy with a shifting spanner and I really don’t know how to empty a backed-up toilet. Not that they happen that often, I assume, but I still wouldn’t be able to deal with a plumbing emergency of any kind.


  15. Checking in late with….

    <bYou got 1 right!

    In my defense, I’d been away on holiday and nearly totally unplugged from the world.

    On the up side, I’m getting fairly comfortable wearing the dunce cap.


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