Dragon Eggs

I took a couple of hours off today.

I drove out to the local hills with my gold panning gear and, surprise, surprise, my camera.

I got a trace of colour in my few attempts at panning but I really struck gold with my camera.

There were high clouds which were fun to capture, hills in silhouette against the smudged sky all followed by a spectacular sunset.

Best of all, I found a clutch of dragon’s eggs.


I believe the rule is that I must now care for these eggs and, should i do a good job of caring for them,  I will live until they hatch.

Does anyone know what I need to do to look after these little ones?

12 responses to “Dragon Eggs

  1. Cybe R. Wizard

    You’ll need:
    Blow torch for cleaning under the scales.
    Several cattle per day for food unless you have /other/ protein sources locally.
    Your Usenet-approved fire-proof suit.
    Rocket pack to use in chasing him/her down for chastisement .
    Young damsel for putting in distress.
    Lodgings fairly close by for the use of Heroic Rescuers.
    A ready outlet for slightly fire-burnished armor in various sizes.
    I’m sure there’s more. I’ll try to think of them for later.


  2. Perhaps you should bury them in the barbecue and let the heat hatch them…

    Seriously lovely find though. I would nest them in my garden somewhere.


    • I don’t know about the gas BBQ. It may not hold the heat as well as a wood-fired one. They are headed for the dragon cave I have at home, after I leave the desert. It was more a lucky find 🙂


  3. Just Feed ’em, Seymour!


  4. Just watch out for Orcs. In my experience, wherever there are dragons there are Orcs. And Orcs are bad news…


  5. Oops, [looking over shoulder]


  6. I don’t think you want them to hatch anytime soon. I would take Kym’s advice to nest them in the garden somewhere. Perhaps somewhere cool. (What am I talking about? Your winters are about like my summers.)


  7. They will definitely be staying with me where ever I go. Gotta take care of them.


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