Extreme LED Sheep Art

Having a bit of a you tubeathon at the moment. It is surprising what one finds.

I’m feeling sheepish about posting this one.

The sheepdogs are not given enough credit.

6 responses to “Extreme LED Sheep Art

  1. Saw this one on my blog rounds yesterday. You’re right, the dogs are doing most of the work. And they’re good.


  2. And these blokes have got too much spare time on their hands! Although … yep, it’s good. What sort of a brain would even imagine this though?


  3. They’re Kiwis, then? “Feeling” sheep is purely a Kiwi past-time … or so I thought …


  4. Oh dear bloody God this is the most fun I’ve had in weeks.

    I was engaged to a Londoner and he was always going on about provincial sheepshaggers and we had this running gag about “sheee–eee–eep” (to the tune of baa-aa-aa) and it was funny until he gave me fuzzy sheep slippers instead of an engagement ring. Cheap bastard.

    So I dumped him but the sheep thing still gets me, and bugger Londoners and god love the Welsh.


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