Sometimes, despite a life time of effort,  my basic geekiness breaks out like an attack of post-teenage acne.

Perhaps I need some xkcdasil to prevent further outbreaks.

6 responses to “Correlation

  1. no – this is quite possibly one of the best. comics. ever. i also lurk over at, as well…. brilliant uses of time, in my honest opinion.


  2. Hey, I only hang out with geeks. And I love xkcd.

    What I learned in statistics class is the Mark Twain was right.
    There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.


  3. And then there are the promises politicians make … they’re not /exactly/ lies but they sure are careless with the truth. They are the election promises which get catagorised into “core promises” and “election promises” well after the event. If they are only election promises then they don’t have to be kept. If they are core promises then they are in a very swinging seat and must be met otherwise they’ll lose the seat next time!


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