Paddy and Colleen were making passionate love in Paddy’s mini-van when suddenly Colleen, being a bit on the kinky side, yells out “Whip me, whip me!”

Paddy, not wanting to pass up this unique opportunity, not having any whips on hand has a flash of inspiration, he opens the window, snaps the antenna off his van and proceeds to whip Colleen until they both collapse in ecstasy.

About a week later, Colleen notices that the marks left by the whipping are starting to fester a bit so she goes to the doctor. The doctor takes one look at the wounds and asks, “Did you get these marks having sex?” Colleen, a little embarrassed that she has slept with Paddy [let alone that she allowed him to whip her] eventually admits that, yes, she did.

Nodding his head knowingly, the doctor exclaims, “I thought so, because in all my years as a doctor you’ve got the worst case of van aerial disease that I’ve ever seen”…

8 responses to “IRISH LOVER

  1. groan! 😉


  2. aaaaaaaargh! i was waiting for something to do with a “paddy whack”…. nice head fake…


  3. Yeehaw – I enjoy the unexpected ones – gotcha!


  4. Hehehe yourself. god, I wish I could come up with puns. I just love ’em.


  5. Not baaaaad, for an old goat. And it was a great head fake. Especially since it’s March.


  6. I like the unexpected 🙂


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