Senile Delinquent

A 71-year-old British pensioner has been fined more than $4,000 for rollerblading through a town square.

Geoff Dornan was caught on closed-circuit television rollerblading through the main street in Ormskirk, Lancashire.

The local council told the court that his skating was a nuisance and a danger to the public.

In his defence, the pensioner said he took up rollerblading seven years ago as a way of keeping fit.

He insisted that he always gave right of way to pedestrians.

But he was found guilty of contravening a by-law that forbids skating in the main street and was fined and ordered to pay costs worth $4,700.

This could well appear in the BBC Quiz this week, so take the time to remember the details.

8 responses to “Senile Delinquent

  1. What a load of shite! Health care costs in industrialized countries are going through the roof and this municipality has the unmitigated gaul to quash the activity of an elderly person keeping fit?

    I suppose the fines will be put into the health care system to pay for those unable or unwilling to get/stay fit.

    Sad, really.


  2. Asterix? Is that you??? :evil grin: I have some gall in posting this.

    But I do agree with you, Rob … it’s shameful that they did this. Maybe it should be that they give a pair of roller-blades to all the oldies to give them some mobility. As you say, it would surely keep them healthy and fit.


  3. Geoff Dornan sounds like the kind of patient we’d like to have at the gimcrack. Wonder if he’d like to come to australia for his hip replacement surgery?


  4. Magistrates’ Chairman Fraser Wallace : “We find the manner of your skating put pedestrians at risk and exposed them to harm.” … [Mr] Dornan’s behaviour “causes a danger” to the public

    I’ve long wondered why ANYONE should have either the Arrogance or the Wish to sit in Judgment on their Fellow-Citizens by becoming a Magistrate

    Perhaps we should not be surprised at how often Magistrates should display such Superficiality & Wrong-Headedness

    It is a Truth (alas not Universally Acknowledged) that :

    1. the wRetch Citizen Dornan had NOT put Pedestrians at risk or exposed them to harm

    2. this harmless Senior Citizen had NOT caused any danger to the Public

    After all, he had been engaging in this Deviant, Bourgeois, Counter-Revolutionary Skating in order to keep fit for many, many Years, but no-one had been injured or killed by this Anti-Soviet misAnthropy

    This is yet another example of the Enforcement Authorities bullying & persecuting a Harmless & Law-Abiding EnglishMAN and criminalizing a legitimate activity – far easier than focusing (.. err … or is it focuSSing) on real criminals

    I used to think that our worst-ever Lord Chancellor was Quintin Hogg (err … Lord Hailsham to you rude Colonials & ex-Colonials). He had complained that :

    “UnJustified Criticism of the Judges is undermining the Rule of Law”

    However, it is the entirely JUSTIFIED criticism of the Judges & Magistrates that is bringing the Rule of Law into disrepute

    AND then along came Lord Irving (with such expensive taste in Wall-Paper at Lavish Cost for the taxpayer) and Lord Falconer …….

    …. but I s’pose we must be grateful for the Good Lord’s Small Mercies – this wretched this Equal-Opportunities Government is yet to dump Mrs Blair as Lord Chancellor

    Harrumphus Harrimpha Hurrimphissum


  5. There is no excuse for being “Different”. Being different is against the Law – Brussels says so! As for eccentricity, you now need to be licensed!


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