Australia has been fascinated by the antics of an octopus which has been keeping a New Zealand Aquarium on its toes.

Sid the Octopus managed to escape from its tank and go on the run for five days.

Next those vindictive aquarium keepers have decided to sentence Sid to death.

I am unsure if Pepsi signed Sid up for this TV commercial or if they took the easy route and used an untamed Cascadian Tree Octopi as the star.

8 responses to “Octomania

  1. Oldest trick in the book!


  2. Those who drink Pepsi are downright liars?! Figures!


  3. I love the link to the Sid story – especially the comments below it. Who *Are* these people???!!!


  4. Heil Brown

    outRAGEous – octopI – mnxtl


    Vot do they teach in these Kolonial & ex-Kolonial Schools

    It’s ——>>>> OctopodIA <<<<—–

    No wonder that Sid was driven to such desperstition that, when he saw a 5 centimeter gap (2 inches in American money), he squeezed himself through it

    Harrumphus, harrimpha, hurramphorum

    Nil ReiPublicae Romanae desperandum est


  5. It is all to do with the enlightenment shown to the world by Mr Darwin. Octocephalopods have decided to evolve.


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