Photo Hunt; Warm

Living in the desert it is easy to become blasè about the warmth and the heat.

Every now and then there is a scene which highlights the temperature.

The smoke rising to its self-created clouds is one hint, the second is not as noticable.

Down on the ground, to the left of the main smoke plume, is a small flash of brown rising slightly into the sky.

It is the beginning of a “Willy Willy” a wind rotation which occurs on still, hot days. They can reach a thousand metres into the air and can be quite violent at ground level.

Small tornadoes in a clear sky.

This one was not a large one, just a small hint at what could happen.


20 responses to “Photo Hunt; Warm

  1. I like your picture this week, Archie. 🙂 Have a good weekend. 🙂


  2. Great take on the theme. I had not heard the expression Willy Willy before. Have a great weekend


  3. Oh I’ve seen lots of those Archie when on the road with my husband.

    Some can be really really big. They are amazing to watch. They just spring up out of nowhere, dance for a while and then they’re gone!!

    Great pick and a great shot!!

    Happy weekend:-)


  4. The dramatic effects of it being rather too warm.


  5. awesome shot, interesting information


  6. what an awesome phenomenon!


  7. Willy Willy – hmm… a nice name, and a great picture too.

    Have a good weekend.


  8. Wow… that’s spectacular… very cool picture. Seems just a tad too warm for me… whew.

    Mountain Retreat


  9. Willy Willy, eh? Learn something new every day.

    Nice shot.


  10. I have never heared of ‘Willy Willy’ before.. But it I can only imagine it’s effects.

    Nice shot!

    Mine is up too!
    Have a great weekend!


  11. Interesting info, nice shot by the way. Have a great weekend!


  12. Very cool entry…Happy hunting dear and weekend. TC


  13. Wow, impressive. That season will be upon us soon too. Great photo. Mine is up, come on by.


  14. nicely shot!
    hope this small tornado didn’t do any damage…


  15. I don’t think I could ever get used to the heat in your desert…just as you might never acclimatize to my cold. Interesting photo of a willy willy!

    My Photo Hunt post is at
    More of Me – EG


  16. Warm looking smoke… good photo!


  17. WOW, that’s a spectacular capture! How scary in its intensity. Really beautiful and yet powerful enough to cause such destruction.

    Mine is up at:

    Happy Photo Hunt!


  18. Extraordinary! Truly.


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