It’s Not Religion


To balance the apparent recent anti-Catholic leanings of the archive, here is a comment on the other two major desert religions.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of “atheist cartoons”, Mike.

10 responses to “It’s Not Religion

  1. Both of which are WAAAAAAAY wrong! It belongs to the people which were invaded by both these races at different times and who are now extinct. Oh, and believe it or not, these two are actually the very same people … brothers, as it were. They are both genetically identical. They both come from the same area of the earth and they both believe the other is totally wrong.


  2. Israel and her Jews have a right to exist.


  3. Hmmm, “people which were…”

    Is there a Grammar Mistress in the house?



  4. H G Wells ‘…. all crime is the end is the crime of the community”

    What a Plonker – how do you translate the Latin expression “Quantum Bollockes” into the language of Polite Society for a Blogge visited by so many erudite Ladies, Children and other Animals

    Wasn’t H G Wells the Clod who went to Russia and said “I’ve seen the Future – and it works”

    He failed to notice that at the very time he was feasting in Soviet Hotels, Stalin was murdering millions of his fellow-citizens in a wholly avoidable & vindictive famine, created by his wicked policies

    The blind arrogance of an ignorant, godless UnBeliever …. I bet he believed in Evolution … and if alive today, doubtless he would have drinked Coors Beer … and (shudders in 4 languages) passed the Port from left to right

    Oh – while nervous about provoking even a Kindly Wizard in possession of that fearsome Wand – with all respect to Mdm Puddock, an Eagle doesn’t want to be turned into a Frogge – even of the Canadian variety

    However, is it not permissible to follow “People” with a plural verb to reflect that People is Plural Concept

    … but one is struggles with the suggestion that land still “belongs to people … now extinct”

    I have the honour to remain yr obedient servant etc

    G Eagle


  5. “However, is it not permissible to follow “People” with a plural verb to reflect that People is Plural Concept”

    Indeed, but people are still people, not things, and therefore deserve, “who,” not, “which.”


  6. outRAGEous – Cyber is qvite right …. as usual

    I should NEVER post without making sure that the Incisive Wizard has mislaid his Wand in the Quiet Tower

    He’s turned me into a Wally


  7. And me … I feel totally and utterly ignernt!!! For those who prefer the Concise English Dictionary, that word translates as “ignorant”. I do apologise to all the pedants in the blogosphere.


  8. If I may way into this argiment – wot is about gramma, not spelling so I am no inkspot.

    I have seen, in writing and no doubt in books, the term “The People” or “A people” wherein lies a reference to a tribe or a large and defined community or even a race. In these cases it seems that the essential humanity of a “Person” or even two or three “People” has been lost in the size of the number.

    As JB Priestly wrote, “I can’t help feeling wary when I hear anything said about the masses. First you take their faces from ‘em by calling ‘em the masses and then you accuse ‘em of not having any faces.”


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