Chinese Internet For Australia

Not only does our new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, speak Chinese, it seems he admires their system of Government as well.

Especially the way they control their internet.

My mate from Queensland, Mike, is an IT professional and he, who worked so hard to get rid of the Howard Authoritarianism,  is horrified by what this Labor Government is doing in its own autocratic way.

He has devoted quite some time to studying the proposed ISP level control of unsuitable websites and has not only documented his findings on his blog but he has also addressed public meetings on the subject.

Read what Mike has discovered;

The Minister responsible for the censorship proposal is Senator Stephen Conroy. Mike has a suggestion for all of us who object to censorship by stealth.


Just a further suggestion from the archive; Most calls will be palmed off by the receptionist who will either hang up or use some trite platitude and then hang up. I suggest that those of us who have the technical knowhow (I don’t, unfortunately) record their calls. Legally it may be necessary to let the person on the other end of the phone know that the call will be recorded.

Then publish it on your Blog!

I will be writing more on this subject soon but the magic number of words for a blog post is 250 and so I will save the rest for another day.


3 responses to “Chinese Internet For Australia

  1. Thanks Archie.

    Even if you do not have time to phone Senator Conroy, I urge everyone to at least tell all their friends about it.

    Most people are not heavy internet users and won’t know what has happened until it is too late.


  2. Mike, I have emailed the Senator (interfering little busy-body!) and told him I do NOT need his “assistance” to monitor the Internet use of my 7 direct-line grandchildren and 1 step-grandchild. I do hope he listens … I get very cross when my politicians don’t listen to the people who voted for them. Thsi is why I didn’t vote for Howard and his mates … they didn’t listen!


  3. Are you sure this new guy isn’t George W. Bush in disguise?


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