BBC Quiz of the Week

No crown again last week although there were an unprecedented three scores of 6/7. Congratulations Puddock, hmh and Buff.

There was only a single score below 4/7 so silverstar, who scored 2/7 gets tom wear the dreaded cap for a week.

While I had read most of the stories, I was unable to score more than 3/7.

I guess that puts me in line for the cap this week.

Now is your chance to test your knowledge of world events. Are you a ruler or a dunce?

The BBC News Quiz of the Week.

Previous Dunces.

23rd Jan, 2/7, silverstar98121,
16th Jan, 1/7, sandy, azahar
9th Jan, 1/7, Cybe R Wizard
19th Dec, 1/7, sandy
12th Dec, 2/7,
5th Dec, 1/7, Daddy Papersurfer, azahar, Rob
28th Nowonder, 2/7, nursemyra
21st Nowonder, 2/7, Rob, Daddy Papersurfer, Cybe R. Wizard, Archie!
14th November, 2/7 Daddy Papersurfer,
7th November, 2/7 silverstar98121, Cybe R. Wizard
31st October, 2/7 azahar
26th October, 2/7Rob
17th October, 1/7 Rob,sandy
10th October 3/7 azahar, Alabaster Crippens, nursemyra
2 Oct, 1/7, Blue, azahar, sandy, Herr G EagLe, archie
26th Sept, 2/7 azahar/silverstar98121/healingmagichands/sandy/Daddy Papersurfer

Crown Winners (7/7)

29th Aug Buff
5th Sept Buff
12th Sept Daddy P
17th Octember Buff
26th Octember, healing magic hands
5th Dec. Buff
9th Jan 2009, azahar

11 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. You got 4 right!

    Out of the dungeon this week.


  2. You got 4 right!

    No Hat for me this week! 🙂


  3. Damn. I obviously don’t know my foreign Kiwi stuff as well as I thought I did. 😥

    You got 6 right!


  4. daddypapersurfer

    I’ve always considered pointy hats to be quite flattering 2/7 ……..


  5. Not bad – I got 5/7. I am definitely more intelligent this year 🙂


  6. 3 for me. I’m never going to win a crown 😦


  7. Hope ya have a doubly wide hat; I got two, same as daddyp.


  8. You got 2 right!
    A goring

    Now a triple in line for the dunce cap. Looking for someone to score 1/7 (or lower) and save us!


  9. Master Junior Eagle = 3 – schockingly erudite

    Der Graue Adler = 2 – couldn’t beat even un Petit Aigle

    We need that distinguished Northern wRiter to get 1, to save an ignorant multitude from Le Chapeau du Dunce


  10. Mrs Eagle & Miss Junior Eagle = 5

    We must ban Frogges & Lady Eagles from eating too much Fish

    It’s bad for Male Eagles’ Egos


  11. 4 right just try to steal my crown – back next week haha


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