Revenge of the Kangaroos

There are reports of a new problem in Australia.

Some of the kangaroos have developed a thirst for revenge against the traffic that keeps knocking them down.

Drivers have reported that they’ll pass a herd of roos that are hopping along peacefully, but as soon as they’ve passed them, the roos suddenly accelerate and change direction, veering right towards the vehicle. The driver then has to drive as quickly as possible to escape the rampaging marsupials.

Drivers are being urged to keep an eye on their veer-roo mirror at all times.

2 responses to “Revenge of the Kangaroos

  1. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! Ohhhhhh, old man … you are getting sooooooooooooo much worse!!!


  2. Oh damn, didn’t see that one coming. Must make use of my pun-do mirror more often.


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