Nude Dude

What with Elections and Inaugurations and Terrible Puns the archive has been a little serious lately.

Time for a bit of fun.

A bit of obscene fun.

Find the Nude Dude at the beach.


Burgled from Phil

9 responses to “Nude Dude

  1. Just what I needed, something else to waste time on. It took me forever to find the nude dude.


  2. *phew* so I wasn’t the only one who nearly couldn’t find him….


  3. It took me quite a while the first time 🙂


  4. It seems that our minds don’t work the way they need to to find the “nude dude” first up. Took me ages too … but I persisted. To be brutally honest … it wasn’t worth it! 😀


  5. I found him! This is great, it’s like where’s Wally for grownups 🙂


  6. I can tell you where nude dude is without even playing the game.

    (He’s over at the blog, repeatedly trying to convince everyone that it’s ok for photographers to take nude photos of Miley Cyrus.)


  7. I found him but he ran away before I could have my way with him.


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