The Piano

"Good thing he didn't make it smaller, or it'd need someone three inches tall to play it."

xkcd, of course

9 responses to “The Piano

  1. A really small pianist *snigger*


  2. This makes me think of the continued miniaturisation of all our daily use items like computers, phones, etc. Just how tiny can they go before they become impossible for anyone with a normal hand size to use? I find my Nokia mobile phone keys much harder to use to either phone a number or text a message than the previous Nokia I had some years ago. With the old phone the keys were of a fairly large size and made of a rubbery substance with which it was easy to register the number/letter you were using. With the current one the keys are tiny and closely packed together, making your finger slip too easily from one key to the adjacent one and made of a hard plastic which resists the pressure of your finger and makes it hard to register the key stroke.

    And with computers the screen is getting too small to see the details of anything on it … I find as an “old girl” my eyesight ain’t what it used to be and I frequently have difficulty seeing what is on the screen of a small notebook computer. The laptop I have at the moment (Acer Aspire 5920) is just the right size for me – keyboard and screen – but anything smaller would be a problem.

    Sometimes I wonder if we really are heading in the right direction …


  3. It’s OK Buff, when there are enough of us ancient geeks, they will produce computers with huge screens and large keys. Just as they have produced humungous TV remotes.


  4. @truce: Um, as I recall the old joke, this one is making a twisted turn on “12 inch pianist”, not a “really small pianist”.

    I laughed at the cartoon strip and I laughed some more at your take on it. 8)


  5. @Buff: Did you ever see the episodes of “The X-Files” that had “memory sequences” of Mulder in the ’80’s? His “cell” phone was huge! On the order of the old army “Walkie-Talkie”.

    For small print? I had to go to bi-focals…


  6. @ Buff and silverstar, two words:
    voice control.


  7. Ha de har har! Have you ever tried that with a phone company??? Or another one of the big firms which use voice recognition to get you from the switchboard to whoever it is you need to speak with? Like “Do you want to adjust your account – “Just say yes or no” …. you say “no” … pause … “Just say yes or no” … another pause .. “Just say yes or no” … grrrrrrrr … “Just say yes or no” whilst all the while you are saying “no” until it gets to the “NO!!! For gawd’s sake … what part of NO don’t you f****ing computers not get!!!” Pause. Then you get “Would you care to speak with a program director? or Account Adjudicator? Just say yes or no”. “Yes” … “Just say yes or no” … “YES” … ad infinitum …

    By the time you slam the receiver down in sheer frustration you understand that Man and machine were never meant to communicate!

    All you wanted to do in the first place was see if you could change the date of your payment from the 15th when you have no money to the 30th when you do! OK, so you think that may be an account adjustment so you go to the damned machine again and this time say “Yes”. “Thank you for your call. Your call is important to us. You have been placed in a queue and will be attended to as soon as possible” and then you get a xylophone rendition of some piece of music which repeats ad nauseum.

    So you swear a bit and find that very suddenly and without warning, in full flow you have been surprised with a human being! Who isn’t too impressed with your language skills. OK … you apolgise, and finally get out the query. “Oh, sorry, but that’s not our responsibility. Let me put you through to the correct person”. And a voice recognition thing says “Do you want to adjust your account – “Just say yes or no” …….



  8. Oh dear – I didn’t get this until I read truce’s comment…and now I’ve read Rob’s comment I get the last frame…hee-hee.

    My dear husband used to say “How do you get Puddock to laugh on a Monday morning? Tell her a joke on Sunday night”. Boom boom. Right again G.


  9. Since most replies have gone off at a major tangent, I shall confine my comments to those who saw the joke – – –

    @ Truce, Rob and Puddock, This cartoon is obviously about classical music, and the tunes which can be played on an old fiddle – – – but you all have dirty minds!

    I like that 😉


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