Finishing a civilized urinating


Anything I try to say here would be misconstrued as “taking the piss”.

So I’m saying nuttin!

8 responses to “Finishing a civilized urinating

  1. Meaning don’t pee outside? Sorry, I don’t speak Engrish.


  2. that’s the wisest thing you’ve ‘said’ all year.


  3. I’m worried about the double stream. Kidley stones?


  4. Surely that’s the “aura” of the piddle? Male urine is pretty pongy, in my ‘umble opinion.


  5. Love it.
    I like the signs going into Chinese places up here: “Children under 10, All you can eat.”
    I’m never that hungry. 😉


  6. @ buff, maybe your rememberer is strained. Give pees a chance!


  7. ..but only if you’re female. Males smell like tom cats. They’re just made that way – pongy and hairy. Mmm

    michaelm’s comment made me laugh, good one 🙂


  8. Apparently it refers to a burst of perfumed air released as the flushing occurs – but I stick to what I said before -“I ain’t sayin’ nuttin’!”


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