It’s Not Easy Being Green


A lone Budgerigar amongst a group of judgmental Zebra Finches!

5 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. She is named Petunia … their surname is Onions.


  2. @ Silverstar, I don’t think she croaked – – –

    @ Buff, but where is the patch?


  3. she’s gorgeous. my very first pet was a green budgie


  4. She may not have but unfortunately hundreds, if not thousands, of them have, especially around that big road-house on the way up to where you are. The owners have put out water and food and there are literally thousands of budgies hanging off every perch available. Poor little things … they apparently can’t take heat over 40 degrees and there’s been heat well over 45 degrees in the Pilbara lately.


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