Show Time

A mime had a show to put on in front of a large audience.

Unfortunately, he developed a bad cough the day before his show.

This simply wouldn’t do for the mime.

So, he went to the local health food store and asked for something for his cough.

The clerk suggested that he make thyme tea and put a cinnamon stick in it.

Surprisingly, the concoction worked.

The headline in the review of his show was, “a stick in thyme saves mime.”

6 responses to “Show Time

  1. I’ve never before cinnamon with so many bad puns.
    Good show!


  2. Excellent take, Cybe … about thyme he got a card, eh mom, for his indescretions?


  3. I’ve been cumin to that conclusion myself, Buff.


  4. A sage comment, silverstar … although I liked Cybe’s comment as well … sort of a basal view taken?


  5. I apologise, I never mint to set off such reaction.


  6. Well, unfortunately you will always receive a chilli reception from me when you pun! Mac, a damned a man you are!


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