The Lost Giant Beaver

There’s a gnawing problem in the British countryside – beaver_320a giant beaver on the loose, wreaking havoc in south-west England.

And his owner reckons there’s only one thing that can lure the lovelorn rodent back into captivity: the scent of female beaver. The 38-kilogram animal escaped from the Upcott Grange Farm in the county of Devon back in October, along with two females who were recovered soon after from a nearby lake. But the one beaver still on the run is thought to be the culprit felling trees some 32 kilometres down the River Tamar at Gunnislake.

Conservationist Derek Gow, who owns 24 of the animals under licence, reckons the runaway is hunting for female beaver. He is planning to catch the escapee using honey traps: boxes that smell of females.

“I know where he is, but he’s occupying a territory of probably a kilometre in length,” Mr Gow said. “We’ve got traps being made up at the moment. “Using the scent from one of the female beavers, we’ll be able to catch the male beaver fairly quickly.”

The furry escapee and his trail of destruction were widely covered in Wednesday’s national newspapers. Mr Gow suspects the electric fence surrounding his beaver pen failed during a flood. “We’ve checked the fence, we can’t find any holes at all. We can’t think of any other way they might have got out.”

Beavers were hunted to extinction in Britain in the 16th century.  However, in a controversial project, four families of beavers have been shipped in from Norway and will be released in western Scotland early next year.

From the ABC Online News

Scotland Yard may well call on the doyen of beaver hunters, the legendary Raincoater from across the Atlanic.

7 responses to “The Lost Giant Beaver

  1. Thirty-eight kilos? That beaver is a damn site bigger than the tomcat sized ones we have around here. Are you sure he isn’t a relic of the Pleistocene?


  2. Ahh you got this too! I wonder who was first with the beaver? Gentlemen never tell 😉

    Happy New year, Aerchie X


  3. @ Silverstar, Apparently he comes from Norway – where everything is bigger – – –

    @ Philipa, I think I blogged it first so I guess I had the virgin beaver. Happy New Year back atcha x


  4. Ooops, he is a MALE beaver – perhaps I should rephrase my last comment 😈


  5. Beaver, eh? Better call the experts from Canada….


  6. Of course the link was stripped by wordpress the first time. Try this


  7. WordPress stripped something from a beaver post? That is a little daring, isn’t it?


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