BBC Quiz Of The Week

Nearly – so close it hurts.

“You got 6 right!

I had read four of the stories, one of the other questions gave away the answer and I guessed one right out of the remaining two.

How will you go this week?

Better than the three who scored one last week, I hope. 😆

What are we talking about?

The BBC News Quiz of the Week.

Previous Dunces.

5th Dec, 1/7, Daddy Papersurfer, azahar, Rob
28th Nowonder, 2/7, nursemyra
21st Nowonder, 2/7, <Rob, Daddy Papersurfer, Cybe R. Wizard, Archie!
14th November, 2/7 Daddy Papersurfer, sandy
7th November, 2/7 silverstar98121, Cybe R. Wizard
31st October, 2/7 azahar
26th October, 2/7 Rob
17th October, 1/7 Rob, sandy,
10th October 3/7 azahar, Alabaster Crippens, nursemyra
2 Oct, 1/7, Blue, azahar, sandy, Herr G EagLe, archie
26th Sept, 2/7 azahar/silverstar98121/healingmagichands/sandy/Daddy Papersurfer
19th Sept, 1/7 Linda, petra michelle
12th Sept 2 correct sandy
5th Sept 2 Correct Daddy Papersurfer, Alabaster Crippens, sandy, azahar.

Crown Winners (7/7)

29th Aug Buff

5th Sept Buff

12th Sept Daddy P

17th Octember Buff

26th Octember, healing magic hands

5th Dec. Buff

16 responses to “BBC Quiz Of The Week

  1. You got 2 right!
    Just a peck

    Ha – kiss of deaf!


  2. meh. The standard three for me.


  3. Senks ^)


  4. You got 4 right!

    Out of the dungeon, at least.


  5. I got 4 too – looks like azahar wants to keep that hat…


  6. I’m on a slow burn here – 3/7 – definitely not smokin’ yet ……


  7. Whew, not dunce material this week.

    You got 4 right!

    Kiss of deaf indeed.


  8. Blame it on Christmas shopping … I haven’t had a chance to breathe this week, let alone look at new reports.

    You got 4 right!



  9. Hey, I look cute in that hat, Puddock! 🙂

    But what I really want is one of those Santa hats… don’t know how to do that though.


  10. 6

    Confounded Mobiles


  11. I’m not worthy to kiss your gown ..3 right Sandy


  12. Pic sent, Archie. Oh boy, can’t wait! 🙂


  13. Pic sent, Archie. Oh boy, can’t wait! 🙂


  14. Herr AerChie

    Genug von dieser SchLackerei

    Eile machen

    Vee cannot vait, either


  15. Hmmm, so far my santa hat is only showing up on Silverstar’s blog … how odd.


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