Camera Critter; Pushmepullyou

I was driving around the verge of our salt lake this afternoon when I spotted a species new to the desert if not to the folklore of literature and film.

The single-humped Pushmepullyou.


14 responses to “Camera Critter; Pushmepullyou

  1. Is it related to the Jackalopes of Wyoming? Interesting animal, anyway.


  2. is the arse end of that pushmepullyou a baby? he’s pretty cute


  3. Beleive me with my advanced eyes , I had to look very closely..sandy


  4. Hehe, a great shot!


  5. They are very bad natured, you know.
    They have no means of eliminating waste.


  6. LOL! OK, I am old enough to remember from the ORIGINAL film just what a Pushmepullyou actually is.

    Great shot! Love it!


    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*


  7. Cybe R., noted the very problem I’ve always worried about. I think Dr. Doolittle was sent this poor creature to help it but he never really grasped the difficulty.


  8. The best shot !!!


  9. Not something I’ll ever see roaming around in the wilds of northwestern Pennsylvania!


  10. @ omnes, thanks for the kind comments. It could be very closely related to the Jackalopes and their nastiness is definitely caused by lifelong constipation.


  11. Very cute post, cleverly done.


  12. Ever been gored by a jackalope?


  13. @ Denise, Thank you. I was l was lucky.

    @ Cathy, Have you ever been attacked by a desert shark?


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