Friday’s Feathers; Spinifex Pigeon

One of the crested pigeons, the Spinifex pigeon has adapted to the general red colour of the desert and so makes it that little bit harder for the hawks and falcons.

They are very nervous birds and they do a lot of running along the ground. When they fly, it is for short, up to 100 metres, distances. They flap noisily to take off and then glide with stiff wings outstretched. These flights are fast and low.

That red eye patch makes them look quite fierce.



7 responses to “Friday’s Feathers; Spinifex Pigeon

  1. Looks like what we would call a pheasant around these parts, and not much like any pigeon that has pooped on my head. But they are gorgeous.


  2. Ahhh. Roast squab! Is there anything better?

    So, seriously, are they good eating?


  3. Beautiful, but they remind me of Alfalfa in the “Our Gang” films of the 1930s! Here’s my cheap-as-chips offering this week.


  4. wonderful looking birds – I ever knew they existed!


  5. Wow! That looks like no pigeon I’ve ever seen before! They look like they’re wearing little dressy military helmets. Very cool.

    It’s not even Friday here, yet, but mine’s up.


  6. @ silverstar, they are definitely pigeons.

    @ Rob – yep, the locals do eat them.

    @ Cathy, Wow, I must try to have a look at one of those films – sounds interesting.

    Truce, the grey variety live closer to the coast in most parts of Northern Australia but these desert ones are something else!

    RJ, I have seen “Top-Knot” pigeons from the Northern Hemisphere – they are similar.

    Nurse M, and those eye patches.


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