Vegetarian Swallow Balls


African or European Swallows?

8 responses to “Vegetarian Swallow Balls

  1. Hmm. They look pretty big to be swallow’s balls.

    Nice Monty Python Holy Grail reference Archie!


  2. I hesitate to ask … I really SHOULDN’T ask … I’ll be sorry I DID ask … but what in Hell are they???


  3. No comment; it’s too easy.


  4. Dumplings, I would presume, Buff. And how can they be vegetarian if they are made out of swallow’s balls? Or are they from vegetarian swallows? Inquiring minds want to know.


  5. Ick! They look repulsive … anything round and glistening, floating in a bowl of something which looks remarkably like concentrated urine does NOT look good! And Cybe … I don’t believe you know either! 😛


  6. Hmmm. Melamine balls?


  7. @ Rob, The reference was too good to ignore 😆

    @ Buff, something like steamed dum sum, I think – I HOPE!

    @ Cybe, You have an answer for every conceivable occasion – – –

    @ silverstar, vegan swallows – hmmm – I wonder if they do – – –

    @ ashleigh, best comment here for weeks! I just hope the new Super Power is not watching.


  8. No, no, no.

    There’s an “s” missing at the end of the first word.


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