God and Life as a Christian

Devoutly burgled from I AM your God

3 responses to “God and Life as a Christian

  1. Is it my imagination, or are you getting more and more cynical?


  2. Cynical? Having grown up in a Christian environment I can say that that is /exactly/ what is taught to the young and fully believed by the older.


  3. healingmagichands, I am not cynical, I am simply weary of man and woman kind putting words into my mouth. I am trying to set the record straight. Always remember, I Am your God, do with me what you will. Just don’t expect me to always be happy with your choices. Hey – can I be Pan again? It was fun being him.

    Cybe R. Wizard, that sounds world-weary and cynical at the same time. Truth is not something those Christians fully approve of.


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