Coffee Complaint

A man walks into a coffee shop, and is given a huge mug which he takes to his table. But when he tries to drink it, he find that instead of coffee, the mug contains a pair of beige cotton trousers. So he goes to complain.

The counter staff are not very helpful, so after arguing with them for some time, he eventually gets them to call the shop manager. The manager is very indignant – “But it’s exactly what you asked for”, he says.

“No it isn’t!” says the customer, “how can this possibly be what I ordered?”

“It’s a cup o’ chinos”, says the manager.

12 responses to “Coffee Complaint

  1. I couldn’t laugh until I had read this out loud to Jim while he was getting ready to make dinner. His “Oh, God” allowed me to chortle evilly and then guffaw.


  2. As Manuel would say, where’s my stabbing fork.


  3. You brewed that up expressoly to annoy me, didn’t you, Joe?


  4. Too funny! I think there are a few farmers around here that would ask for the same…


  5. And you answered it in the same vein just to annoy ME, did you not, Mr. Wizard??? You know just how to push my buttons – you are both evil!


  6. @ Buff, Java heart! Samovar best ideas annoy you.

    (I can hear your mountin’ groan)


  7. You’re heading for a damned good roasting, bean-brain!


  8. |PERK!| I knew you’d come around. You’ve really had no grounds for resisting.


  9. (grinding teeth) … Kenya really think I’d drink coffee?


  10. I’m kona leaning toward that thought, at least if you are pressed.
    But it’s really nothing that you should brewed on.


  11. I can see I’m going to have to filter you lot out … I’ll need to get the filter papers though. Oh well …


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