Changing Times

The Wet Canadian, Raincoaster, waxes not philosophical upon her blog. Except to warn of Shoggoths and to lyrically expound on beavers.

Yet she sometimes hits an unexpected mark.

I noticed this on her Twitter Feed the other day.

“The time we used to spend on learning poetry is now spent learning passwords.”

10 responses to “Changing Times

  1. That is a profound statement by Raincoaster. Profound and sad.

    I have announced my candidacy for office over on my blog and published a manifesto. I’m running as candidate for the Party Party.


  2. I t is sad. But I have joined the Party Party.


  3. /SOME/ of us use the time once used to /write/ poetry (cough*limericks*cough)
    to /blog/, fer X’s sake!

    (just getting ready for The Season)


  4. I’m trying to adapt poetry to the 140 character limit, but I can’t seem to get much past “Cthulhu bo bulhu bananafana fo fulu…”


  5. bananafana… that’s got a nice poetical ring


  6. @ Cybe,

    My muses had left with a dog
    I started on writing this blog
    The girls that I meet
    Here cannot be beat
    But show no desire for my – – –

    @ rain, there, that is less than 140 characters but unfortunately I cannot think of a rhyme for blog to end the poem with.

    @ Nurse M, I would take care with anything Cthulhu-ish that rain talks about. It is the tentacles!


  7. I try not to memorize passwords, I let the computer do it. However, the only poetry I can remember is by Ogden Nash.


  8. I eat my peas with honey
    I’ve done it all my life
    It makes the peas taste funny
    But it keeps them on the knife!



  9. Shake, shake the ketchup bottle
    None’ll come, and then a lot’ll.

    O, N,.


  10. For some reason I seem to remember the poetry of Shel Silverstein:

    Mommy has gone to the store
    But look’ it’s a quarter of four.
    Maybe the pirates have kidnapped her
    And she won’t be home anymore!

    She’s the Queen of The Silver Dollar…
    (and the rest of Dr. Hook’s tunes)

    Plus, of course, Johnny Cash’s, “A Boy Named Sue.”


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