The Flowchart of Sex

Go on – click the image so you can read it.

5 responses to “The Flowchart of Sex

  1. There are many ways into my bed. Shoes are not one of them. Neither is booze. But chocolate always works.


  2. Chocolate liqueurs in the shape of shoes? …….. might make a mess though


  3. I would say the chart looks pretty accurate to me. It is, however, missing pages 2 to 10. You know, the pages showing the distractions which come along in the 18 or so years after children. Most of them end up back at the red rectangle.


  4. Only a man would reduce sex to a Flow Chart!


  5. Shoes would not work for me. Perhaps I am not a woman, although I believe that I have all the requisite parts, etc. But the flow chart in this house goes more or less like this:

    Man and woman agree to have sex (usually in the afternoon, not the evening, we are not as young as we once were. Man and woman have sex. No shoes, no chocolate, just an agreement.

    While I find this flow chart mildly amusing, it bothers me that there are so many assumptions, sexist and otherwise, that fuel the flow chart.

    by the way, if your flow chart is true, then the woman involved is a prostitute and her price is one pair of shoes. Sad.


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