Sarah Palin in the Oval Office

October 21 has been designated “International Talk Like Sarah Palin Day”.

Everything else that has happened in this US Election campaign will palin to insignificance when you visit this interactive site.

Be sure and run your cursor over all parts of the scene  🙂

Thanks to Metro who passed it on to the wet canuckstani tree squid.

9 responses to “Sarah Palin in the Oval Office

  1. The red telephone! O God, the red telephone! This is not funny.


  2. The red telephone scares me, too. But I find something new every time I play with this stupid thing.


  3. I’m sniggering as I type and yet, like the others, I’m scare, very scared too at even the glimmer of the thought of the possibility of the prospect of President Palin…

    Nice find Archie – I’m pinching it toute suite!


  4. Oh, she’s my worst nightmare!


  5. It is an amazing interactive thing!


  6. Finally got it to load! Hey, guess what??? I agree with her … I said “Uh oh” as well, but I put more anguish into my comment!


  7. interesting you make such suppositions without knowing the real woman – How do any of us know how she would be??We must come from a very high place to be able to judge. I think her anti – disestablismentarianism is refreshing – tongue out – so there..


  8. She couldn’t pronounce “antidisestablishmentarianism” if her life depended on it. Fortunately, she can’t pronounce “nuclear” either, so maybe they’ll never be able to launch.


  9. Hmmm, so a straw poll on the archive gives a thumbs down to the McCain-Palin ticket. Interesting.

    @ sandy, How many people can really claim to know another. We judge on the public persona and our likes and dislikes are our reactions to information we are given. As an athiest, I worry about antidisestablishmcthingo because it means that teh State and teh Church are not separated. And which church do we mean? The Episcopalian, the Southern Baptist, the Fred Phelps, Scientology, Mormonism – – – Name one and watch the others prove you wrong. Me? I’ll simply sit back in stunned amazement at the reactions of the believers in a loving God.


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