Am I The Only One Offended?

The whole PC movement is way out of control.

Merely laughing at something is going to offend someone, somewhere, somehow.

So we are no longer allowed to laugh at others or their habits. We are not allowed to “typecast” persons or people or nations.

The downside is that no one is allowed to laugh at us. Or to “typecast” us or our habits or our nation.

No matter how seriously we take our foolish selves.

Somewhere today I will find a Polish/Irish/English/Scottish/American/Australian/NewZealand/blonde/redhead/man/woman/tall/short/hairy/bald/Baptist/Catholic/Atheist joke. And I will laugh at it. At the same time, someone will laugh at a joke about me and my habits.

Until then, try to laugh at this and offend no one.

6 responses to “Am I The Only One Offended?

  1. That’s very funny in an overly PC kind of way.
    If you don’t mind.


  2. ha ha. Took a minute. Thought why isn’t anything showing up in this picture?

    Then……..I got it.


  3. Ha … he …. ha … snig …. no. It doesn’t really work, does it?

    I heard one yesterday about “Why do the French plant so many trees along their roads?” Answer: “Because the Germans hate marching in the sun!”. Now, that is funny … clean, but funny.


  4. …… and I thought it was a polar bear in a snow storm ….


  5. Hey, don’t you know that making fun of Politically Correct people hurts our feelings!


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