Camera Critters #26; Baby Bat

Too small and young to work out its species. Not that I know a lot about bats anyway.

Just that they are very cute mammals which need to be avoided because they can carry nasty infections.

This one was found by our resident animal collector and lover, Phoebe, who convinced it not to get too stressed by all the bright flashes which were happening while I was doing the photography.

15 responses to “Camera Critters #26; Baby Bat

  1. Good photos! We have a bat who likes to swoop over the pool during summer nights. Denis and I like having one of Nature’s bug zappers in residence.


  2. A lovely little beastie! Twice in the past two weeks we’ve had a small brown bat (two seperate ones) lying in our driveway, unable to motivate onward. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the bat population of if these two were just unlucky. In both cases I placed the bat in a tree where it hung out poopside down until the evening, then went on its way


  3. Caution: Hendra virus.

    We’ve had a number of fatalities in Qld over the past decade; the most recent was a vet just a couple of months ago and about 20km from here. There is no known cure.

    We know it’s carried by bats and we also know that humans catch it from close association with infected horses. How it gets from bats to horses is the subject of a lot of research at the moment.


  4. Cute. It looks like Gollum in the second photo. But knowing rabies is endemic in bats, at least in the US, I’m so not going there.


  5. Oh, how adorable! One summer I had a nest of bats outside my balcony and the baby ones would often miss the opening and end up flying around my living room. Once one flew straight into the wall and fell to the floor, cartoon style, so I had to rescue the poor thing before the cats got to it. It was so tiny with its wings folded up, about the size of the first joint of my thumb, and had the cutest little ears.

    I spoke to a bat specialist and he said the only thing to do was wait until the baby bats grew up and then place a cloth over the nest opening so they could get out but not back in again. And he also told me the type of bats I had weren’t the kind that carried rabies (this after I got the cats vaccinated, just in case).

    Anyhow, it was an interesting summer.


  6. I wish I could see the attraction. Live and let live, and all that, but ‘cute’ isn’t quite the word I’d use.


  7. Okay, this shot scares me. A couple of years ago, a young boy was playing with a bat. He died from rabies. It seems the bat’s teeth are so tiny, he didn’t realize it had bitten him. There are bats in the courthouse where I work. Once one was swooping about during court. One of the attorneys was so scared, he threw himself under the counsel’s table. I would have loved to see that! Occasionally we find one hanging around somewhere other than the clock tower. Since they are considered endangered, we must capture them and turn them loose outside. Not me! I merely stay behind our closed office door until someone else has done the deed! Nice shots of the “cute” little fellow though. BJ


  8. very very cool from the Master Sandy


  9. I see you are hanging around in caves again sandy


  10. Thanks for all the kind comments, even if you don’t like bats 🙂

    @ Mike, oh yes, we are aware of Kendra – I couldn’t remember the name when I posted. Actually, Kendra seems to be a variant of rabies. My initial thought was that it only occurred in fruit bats but it seems to have spread much wider. 😦


  11. I have been away from the computer for a while. It has had a bad case of indigestion! I didn’t publish a Camera Critter per se, but my last post has a whole lot of bird shots.

    I love bats. When we built the sauna dressing room we included a bat house under the eaves. So far, none have moved in there yet, but we have brown bats that sleep in our trees. They fly around after sundown and eat the mosquitoes. Since they have migrated south recently the mosquito population has increased radically. I miss the bats!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. I renew my resolve to go to the Mary Lawson Cave at the full moon next august and document the flock of bats that emerges from that cave. It is a nursery cave and by August they are training the kids to hunt. It’s really hard to get a picture of because it is full dark before they actully emerge in force.


  12. That second photo is great. It should have the caption

    U can haz Mondays. I hates them.


  13. Aw, I love bats!


  14. Kym’s right, please do a “I can haz cheezeburgers” with it.


  15. the little bat, after a brave week-long attempt, gave up three nights ago while sitting on my shoulder and watching tv (i think it was actually the dazzling storyline and acting of the new ‘drama’ “Packed to the Rafters’ which may have prompted him to leave this world).
    he is currently in the fridge in a batty bag, awaiting his display in our Cabinet of Dead Things…
    rip little batty, and sorry bout the bad choice of television…


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