The Inflatable Boy

There’s this inflatable boy, see, and he goes to this inflatable school and, while there, finds himself having a really bad day. Bored with the lesson, he gets up and walks out of the inflatable classroom but, while walking down the corridor, he sees the inflatable headmaster approaching him.

The inflatable boy pulls out a pin and punctures the inflatable headmaster before running out of the inflatbale school gates. Just as he gets past the gates, he thinks again, “I hate school”, and once more pulls out his pin and pokes it into the inflatable school. He then runs as fast as his inflatable legs allow, all the way home and races into his inflatable bedroom.

A couple of hours later, his inflatable mother is knocking at his bedroom door and with her are the inflatable Police. Panicking, our inflatable boy yet again pulls out the pin and jabs it into himself. Later on that evening, he wakes up in an inflatable hospital and, in the bed next to him, he sees the inflatable headmaster.

(This does get worse, you know…)

Shaking his deflated head – more in sorrow than in anger – the Headmaster gravely intones:

“You’ve let me down; you’ve let the school down, but worst of all, you’ve let yourself down.”

7 responses to “The Inflatable Boy

  1. Grooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaan.


  2. Archie, how could you let us down so?


  3. I agree with Rob and Honjii.


  4. Archie! you promised you wouldn’t post two of those awful jokes in one day….

    bend over and take your punishment like a man!


  5. Oh, for goodness’ sake!!! This is even worse than usual! Bad Archie!


  6. Rob

    I agree – groan to the nth degree – mind you the tadpoles laughed!!


  7. One concludes the peculiar sense of humour must be a genetic malformation if tadpoles laugh at such inane funnies.


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